Welcome to my new Webpage https://beautifulgiftsonline.wordpress.com

Life itself is a gift, isnt’it? Sometimes it may be hard with struggling, anger, sorrow..

But sometimes it’s full of joy, laughter and love.

You may be alone or have many family members or friends.

There is a time in life we have to work hard, but we have also something to celebrate.

This is a great occasion to make a gift. Treat yourself with something lovely after a great acomplishment.

Give something nice at your family and friends to show your love, esteem and joy.

What you give, will return some day to you.

I started this blog to show you great gift ideas. It will showcase products available online and refer to onlinestores.

The posts will contain affiliate links and i will get a commission with every purchase.

That’s my way to monetize my other blog https://fotosbykarin.blog where you may enjoy my nature photos, little poems and motivations as a my free gift for you.

Any comment, like, idea and support will be much appreciated.

The first online giftstore i want to present you is Zazzle.

Shop beautiful, creative, unique gifts designed by indipendent artists or photographers like me, made by Zazzle.com

Browse thousends of giftideas in divers categories like home gifts, pet gifts, office gifts, clothing.. in different onlinestores and support the little artists.

They will get a commission with every purchase and be grateful for.

You are a talented artist, photographer or designer too and would like to earn extra money online? Begin to design Zazzle products and open your own Zazzle onlinestore. It’s all described at the page. Browse for the account and store opening page at Zazzle.com

If you need help, feel free to ask in the comments.

Many thanks for reading.

Happy giftshopping,



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